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Many people are torturing their hair without knowing it! Hairdressers these days often over-use blower heat, round brushes, excessive tension, and super-hot flat irons to produce their style while you're in their chair. What do you do when you get home? You do what you saw the hairdresser doing. Why wouldn't you? But why doesn't it look as good when you do it? And why can't I let it dry naturally and have it look nice?

Your hair may need to be tortured into the style because it can't do anything else: it has "adapted" to it, and very likely it has been damaged from the process...

While round brush styling (with high heat and strong tension) works, it's doing damage while covering it up with results! Boar bristle (neck hair from a male pig) brushes scrape their rough cuticle through your hair's soft cuticle. The rough one wins. But with heat and tension (stretching) it molds hair very nicely. Depending upon your hair type, doing this a couple times a month shouldn't hurt. Doing it several times a week, month after year can literally SHRED your hair! Then add the hot iron, and all that time...

Imagine being able to finger-dry your hair with mild heat, scrunch it, or use a light touch with a brush and go on with life in minutes looking fabulous! 

By starting with great cuts, careful colors, and allowing your hair time to "come around" by lightening up on all the stress, you can have an entirely different head of beautiful hair in just a few cuts!