L O S T    A R T    H A I R C U T T I N G  

7865  LEARY  WY  NE       REDMOND,  WA  98052      

David :  C/T  206 639 0867

Max :  C/T  206 353 9927

Our Goals

Our goal is to bring the fine art of haircutting to everyone who appreciates having beautiful hair.

With designs adapted to your looks, that not only enhance the natural beauty of your hair, they can be easily produced again and again at home WITHOUT having to torture your hair into submission! ​Harsh blowing and ironing are no longer needed!

Color services are designed to look natural: as though your hair 

grew that way.

​Highlights, balayage, foils, sun streaks, grey coverage...

All done with care and the knowledge

necessary to produce natural effects while

leaving your hair healthy, and​ as beautiful as you can imagine.